• Curtain Bags

  • Track

  • Brackets

  • Track Joiner (for oversized tracks/rods)

Tools Needed

  • Cordless drill with PH-2 Phillips head drill bit

  • Step Ladder

  • Screws suitable for relevant fixing

  • Tape Measure

Before we get stuck into it, check you've got everything you need!

Before you install

When fixing into timber: Pre-drill timber and use appropriate screws (eg. Zenith 8G x 30mm Timber Screws).

When fixing into plaster: Locate timber stud using a stud finder, and use 40mm screws.

When drilling into concrete, stone, brick or tile: A mansonry drill with standard Ramset 6 x 30mm Anchors. 


Step 1: Preparation

Unpack curtain track and lay it in front of your window.

Work out where you want the back of the sheer to be in relation to the back wall;

The track then needs to sit 60mm off the wall to the centre of the bracket (as pictured below).


The track sits central to the curtain heading, therefore 50mm will sit behind the curtain track. We recommend the curtain track to sit a minimum of 60mm off the back wall/ obstruction (eg roller blind etc) that you wish to clear (see reflected plan view of track and ceiling below).


Tip: Use a pencil to mark the ceiling where your brackets should be fixed


Step 2: Installing the Brackets

Position the end brackets 50mm in from each end. Evenly space the remaining brackets. 


Tip: Brackets should not be spaced over 800mm apart. The bracket screw holes should sit behind the track. Do not screw the brackets in just yet.


Step 3: Securing the Track to the ceiling

Fix brackets to ceiling in predetermined marked spots.


Tighten screws so that the bracket is 90% secured, so that the track can still be clicked into the bracket.


Click the track into the bracket starting from the middle brackets working outwards.

Once the track is clicked into all brackets, tighten all the screws.


Tip: For large tracks you may want to tighten screws as you go to reinforce the track.


Step 4: Fitting the Curtain

Before hanging your curtain, hook in your flick stick.

The track will be pre-fitted with runners and the curtain header tape will be pre-fitted with hooks. The flick stick runner should be at one end of the track.

With the track installed, work from left to right matching each hook of the curtain, with each runner on the track.

Tip: If there are multiple and uneven curtains on the one track

(eg. centre open ) make sure you have determined which side each curtain is meant for, to save unnecessary frustration of unhanging and re-hanging curtains.


Work slowly to ensure you do not miss any hooks or runners.

Step 5: Dressing the Curtain

As your curtain is brand new, it needs to be 'trained' to sit and fall the way you desire.

After you've matched all curtain hooks with the track runners, and your curtain is up; work from left to right, reinforcing the direction of the tape, from the top, down.


Manipulate the header tape to sit in an 'S' form.


Ta-daaaaa! Good job, you!

Click here for all troubleshooting.



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