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So, you have just received your order of custom made timber shutters and you are super excited to install them. We already know how fabulous they are going to look in your home! Not only are they stylish, but they’re totally practical for covering windows and controlling the light levels in the home ☀️


With that said, you might be intimidated by the DIY timber shutters laying before you. Shades by You prides itself on the user-friendly DIY blinds made by our specialists. We guarantee that you’ll learn how to install shutters quickly and easily with our help. 


As such, we’ve created the perfect how-to guide to help you install your custom timber shutters. We give you step-by-step instructions to help you install your window coverings like a pro. We are super qualified to give this advice, too, because we’ve been in the business of custom making and installing high-quality window coverings for more than three decades 💯


Whether you know your way around a toolkit or not, we know that you’ll be feeling like a DIY expert by the end of this tutorial. Take a look at the instructions below and give it your best go! We believe in you 😉

Before installing your custom shutters, please watch our 'how to' instructional videos on how to correctly install in order to ensure a smooth process and seamless result!

Reveal Mount

Face Mount

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