Roller Blinds

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Before Measuring

To ensure your new blinds are going to fit perfectly, take a moment to read over the below checklist.


Remember, if in doubt - give us a shout!

  • Supply all measurements in millimetres (mm)
  • Use a reliable tape measure or a precise laser measure

  • Double check all of your measurements, and make note of which measurement is width, and which is drop when recording your measurements - remember the wise old saying "measure twice, cut once!"

  • When ordering multiple windows, ensure you measure each and every one as they may look similar, however they are unlikely to be the same exact measurements.

Fitting Options

Your blind can fit either within the reveal (window frame) as a recess fit, or on the front of the architrave/window as a face fit.


The blind installation preference should be considered before measuring as this will alter where your dimensions are taken from.

Recess Fit

Face Fit

Recess fit 

  • Provides a clean, more integrated look
  • Choose reveal if you have the intention of fitting sheer curtains in front of the roller blind

  • Must have at least 50-60mm allowance within the reveal

Face fit 

  • Will avoid obstructions such as window hardware
  • If you do not have adequate allowance for a recess fit
  • Provides better light block 

Face Fit Measuring

(window WITH architrave)

Step 1: Measure the width 

Measure the outside width of the architrave at the top of the window frame (as pictured below).


Step 2: Measure the drop 

Measure the height (drop) of the window from the top edge of the top architrave to the desired bottom position of the blind, i.e. bottom architrave, window sill or floor.



Face Fit Measuring

(window WITHOUT architrave)

Step 1: Measure the width 

Measure the width of the square set reveal at the top of the window. Presuming there are no obstructions, add 40mm each side to ensure adequate coverage (i.e. 80mm to the overall width).


Step 2: Measure the drop 

Measure the height (drop) of the window from the top of the reveal to the desired bottom position of the blind, i.e. the window sill or floor.


Presuming you intend to install the blind directly above the top of the reveal,  add 100mm to the overall drop measurement. If you intend to fit the blind higher, add on accordingly.



Recess Fit Measuring

Step 1: Measure the Width 

Precisely measure the inside width of the window frame, at the top of the window reveal.

Do not take deductions as we will make allowances when ordering.


Step 2: Measure the Drop

Precisely measure the inside drop, from the top of the window frame to the bottom of the reveal.



We're here to help!

Whether it be a FaceTime call for advice on measure or fit, or you're interested in a virtual in-house consult, we WANT to help you!


Alternatively, you can email a photo of your window/room to


Happy measuring 🤩



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