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Have you decided to enhance the look and feel of your home with a beautiful set of shutters? It is tempting to rush through the order process so that you can get your hands on our timber shutters as quickly as possible, but we urge you to take a moment to measure properly! 🔨📐


Let us take a look at how to get the numbers right so that your new timber shutters fit perfectly. Shades by You is an experienced window coverings specialist, and we know how to get it right the first time. We believe in the old adage: measure twice, make once. You should always double check your measurements so that you —and we— know exactly what you’re dealing with. 


We are sharing our techniques on how to measure your windows so that we can custom make timber shutters that suit your home. With our help, your DIY skills will come to fruition by means of a stunning set of timber shutters and a window covering that is equal parts stylish and functional 🏡


Follow the guidelines below carefully and we guarantee that they will fit perfectly onto your windows. This handy guide is designed for DIY homemakers of every skill level - so if you’re not the most handy with a tape measure, don’t worry! We’ll show you exactly how to measure shutters:

Before ordering your custom timber shutters, please watch our 'how to' instructional videos on how to properly measure your windows in order to ensure a smooth installation process!

Face Mount

Reveal Mount

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