1 x Roller blind pre-fitted with chain control and pin end

2 x Brackets per roller blind

1 x Chain tensioner

  • Cordless drill with PH-2 Phillips head drill bit

  • Step Ladder

  • Screws suitable for relevant fixing

  • Tape Measure

Before we get stuck into it, check you've got everything you need!

When fixing into timber: Pre-drill timber and use appropriate screws (eg. Zenith 8G x 30mm Timber Screws).

When fixing into plaster: Locate timber stud using a stud finder, and use 40mm screws.
Alternatively, you can utilise wall anchors such as the Ramset Twist n Lock 20kg.

When drilling into concrete, stone, brick or tile: A mansonry drill with standard Ramset 6 x 30mm Anchors. 

Step 1: Placement

Position the chain drive bracket where you originally measured on the edge of the architrave. Using a pencil, mark through the holes where you intend to drill for both brackets. 
See diagrams to understand which screws holes to mark.


Then pre-drill your holes in the marked spots, and continue to fix your brackets to the architrave.

Face Mount

We Recommend ✔️

The benefit of fixing the bracket this way, is the blind is able to sit higher - minimising light leakage.

It also hides the bracket and screws, providing a cleaner look.

Tip: Install the bracket 10mm down from the top of the recess to ensure the blind doesn't touch the top.

Top fixing the bracket has proven to be an easier way to install.

This method must be used in scenarios where a roller blind is being fixed to door and there's not enough room to fit the bracket sideways.

Step 2: Fitting the Blind

Now that you're brackets are fixed, clip in the blind from the chain drive bracket side first. Continue to lock in the other side.

Step 3: Fixing the Chain Control

Your blind has the chain control already fixed to one end.  Once the blind is up, carefully unravel the chain and mark with your pencil where the child safety P-Clip should be fitted.


Pre-drill the hole, attach the P- Clip through the chain, and fix to the architrave. Ensure the chain hangs with minimal tension in the P-clip and keep the clip in line with the bracket above to ensure smooth operation of your new blind. 


Ta-daaaaa! Good job, you!

Click here for all troubleshooting.

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