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Ask a Designer

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

You asked, and we heard you! Our in-house designers have answered your most frequently asked questions

To match? Or not to match?

One of the biggest questions when choosing any kind of interior selection is "What colour should I pick?"

Should you try and match the wall colour? The carpet colour? Or something totally different?

Our advise would be to not try and match everything to a specific colour, simply because it will never look quite identical.

Instead, try and pick a colour the is a couple of tones lighter or darker than either the wall or flooring to create a considered layered palette.

Rods or Tracks?

The predominate reason you'd choose one over the other is aesthetic.

If you have a square set ceiling, typically you'd lean towards top fixed tracks, as this provides a clean, more contemporary overall look. Whereas, in a traditional Victorian style home, you may opt towards rods as this is generally cohesive to the feel of the home.

You may also have a modern home with bold black trim or fixings, rods can also be a great way of complimenting the existing choices.

Face Fit | 25mm Boldtrack Rod - Black

Top Fix | Ceiling Mounted Track - White

Where should I place my tracks/rods?

Bigger, is better! We like to place curtain rods/tracks well above the top of the window, if not on the ceiling! This adds height and drama to the room.

This also applies to the width of the window. Ensure to always make the rod/track wider to allow for when the curtain is stacked. For example, you wouldn't want the stacked curtain to cover up any of the window


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