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Can custom roller blinds be fitted outside the recess?

The debate has been raging for many years now: can roller blinds be fitted outside the recess? As experts in our industry, Shades by You is always receiving messages from clients and potential buyers asking all kinds of questions about window coverings. We get a lot of questions on the “inside the recess” vs “outside the recess” debate, so we’ve decided to put together an informative article on the matter 🤓 Let’s get to the bottom of the custom roller blinds debate, once and for all!

What is a window recess?

First things first, let’s establish what a recess even is. In essence, a window that does not sit flush on a wall is often recessed. We bet you’ve seen recessed windows many times in your life without even realising it. The window is set back into the wall and the recess makes a great spot for placing plants and picture frames 🪴. A window recess doesn’t have much use other than to enhance the look of your home.

Below are two examples of recessed windows. You can see that the window frame is set to further back than the interior walls of the room. There seems to be about a 30cm recess from the surface of the interior wall to the interior of the window frame itself. So much so that one of the women in the picture is sitting on the recess as an impromptu window seat! Super dreamy 😍

Can you fit custom roller blinds outside the recess?

You can absolutely fit custom roller blinds outside the recess of a given window. There shouldn’t be any issues with regards to lost space. You just need to consider the width of your custom roller blinds - they must be measured larger than the size of the recess if you want to cover it completely.

Is there a benefit to fitting roller blinds outside the recess?

A major benefit of fitting custom roller blinds outside the recess is that more light can be let into the window when the blinds are up. This is because the bracket that holds up the blinds is mounted above the recess, therefore won’t block as much light as a set of blinds fitted inside the recess. Furthermore, if you use the recess to display your favourite houseplants and family photos, blinds fitted outside the recess can be lowered completely without disturbing your decorations! They’ll be temporarily hidden from sight, mind you, but undisturbed.

What about inside the recess?

Fitting custom roller blinds inside the recess is actually the most common fitting method! Some natural light will be lost behind the bracket when it’s fitted inside the recess, but the overall effect is more clean and sophisticated when styled the right way. Blinds fitted inside the recess are also useful tools for keeping your home warmer during the winter! Find out more about heat insulation and roller blinds in this article.

Remember how we talked about using recess as a place to display your knick-knacks? 🖼💐 Well, if you choose to hang your custom blinds inside the recess, you can still lower the blinds completely without hiding your decorations! In either case, you don’t have to move them every time you want to open or close the blinds.

Custom roller blinds fitted like this are also great for blocking out more natural light when needed. A snug fit paired with blackout blind fabrics is the recipe for great sleep, no matter the time of day.

Get your own custom roller blinds today

If your interior design brain is tingling, it’s time to start browsing for the custom roller blinds of your dreams! Shades By You creates custom roller blinds, curtains, and timber shutters to suit a wide range of personal tastes. In three easy steps, you can order custom roller blinds that you know will look fantastic in your space. No more cheap and nasty store-bought options that don’t fit well 🤢. Time to take things into your own hands.

  1. Follow our guide on how to measure your windows for roller blinds. Remember to double-check your measurements before submitting them.

  2. Head to our order page to create the custom roller blinds your heart desires.

  3. Install your custom window coverings yourself! That’s right, our solutions are DIY-friendly, even if you’ve never laid hands on a screwdriver before.

Well, what are you waiting for? You’re empowered to create window coverings that are perfect for your space. Choose from a selection of high-quality materials and awesome designs to create the solution you deserve for your home. Be sure to contact us if you have any queries, too!


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