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How much do blockout blinds cost?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Blockout blinds are a 🔥 option when it comes to window coverings! It’s no secret why Aussies want them in their homes, and if it hits the budget and style sweet spot, then why not?

There are plenty of deals out there that casually draw in DIY lovers, but we’re sad to say that few hit the jackpot on the real deal. Shades by You has 30+ years’ experience under our belt, and have been lending a hand to the style-savvy homemakers of the Land Down Under since our family-owned business spread its wings. We think we’ve got a few things to bring to the table when it comes to buying the best blockout blinds, at the best price. 😎

Read on and learn how to spot a good deal when you see it! 💸

Entry-level: The ready-made “DIY” deal

Aussies have a great DIY attitude that we 💖. Popping into your local Bunnings or Spotlight is practically a weekly tradition, naturally followed by a cold one with the mates on the deck. Cheers to the tradition, we happily say! 🍺

These two big hitters are undoubtedly the unofficial king and queen of entry-level DIY (well, there’s a few more on that list, so if you’re more Mitre10 or Lincraft, don’t hold it against us), and for good reason. You can find most of the things you’d need for your project, at a pretty decent price. Even total blockers for your windows, you may think.

Coming in at around $50-$80 a (roller) blind when Spotlight’s famous sales are on, this can seem like a decent bargain - and might even be, if you’re looking for a temporary fix.

They’re off-the-shelf, DIY install furnishings that generally do blacken your room – for a while. The trouble is, it’s neither really a DIY option, nor a great deal in the long run. 😞 Limited colour palettes, limited dimension, plastic mechanisms, and bargain fabrics often mean these blockers can’t withstand the test of time, nor match your taste for decor. You’ll likely find yourself wrestling with the pulleys and frayed edges, eventually leading back on the hunt for better quality hat firmly holds up to stronger standards. 💪

Tier two: the REAL DEAL DIY blockers

If you’re all about the convenience of truly making a space yours, the complete DIY experience may just be your thing. That means DIY from the get-go – from the material choice to the colour and then the installation. If you love the satisfaction of doing things on your own and reaping the benefits of a bargain, then we suspect this option will win out big for you. 🏆

The price range for roller blockouts in this category is usually over the $100 point, but because it’s a completely customisable option, you call the shots on how much you want to spend, and what you’ll get in return. For example, we offer roller blackouts that are hand-operated or fully motorised for your convenience. Both choices are prepped with high-quality steel mechanisms that won’t wear down as you work your windows – and even give you the option of stopping the blind at at your chosen height. 😮

More is more in the second tier, including blinds options. While entry-level block-outs come mainly on rollers, the beauty of customising your own is that you can also go for venetians, honeycombs, or any other type you like the look of. This sense of complete control is enough to make any DIY lover’s heart sing with joy and creative potential! 💕

A service like ours hit the perfect spot between quality, style, and price. If you get the numbers right from the start, the perfect covering will be delivered directly to you, hassle-free. The finishing touch is installing them yourself - a simple matter that any handyman or woman will be proud to take on!

Third tier: Full service, full price

At the top of the price scale, we have the full service, whole deal package. That means plenty of gorgeous choices, plenty of expertise, and of course, costs that match (and sometimes exceed) the service. 💰

The DIY in this category is all about having a product made to your taste – with the experts taking care of the make, delivery, and installation. Just like tier two, all blackout options are on the table. It’s almost like envisioning your creation, clicking your fingers, and having stunning designer blinds materialise in front of your eyes (as long as you have the cash to spare)!

This tier takes into account the measuring, design, and installation of your window project, coming in at upwards of $200 per designer blind.

If you’re low on time and high in extra cash, this can be an ideal pick for light-proofing your interiors without much fuss. In that case, you might want to speak to our friendly on-shore team – including our specialised installation technicians – who can take care of your needs while you go about your day-to-day, or sit back and relax with a cocktail or two. 🍸

Wrapping it all up

Now that we’ve laid down the three basic tiers of blockout costs, and what you’ll get with them, it’s time to leave you to make up your own mind. Everyone has their list of standards to tick off, and we don’t judge!

The ROI is always a factor on everyone’s mind, and it’s worth carefully considering what you’re going for. Is it a personal challenge you’re gunning to reach? A fuss-free furnishing that looks and feels as expensive as it is? Or an economy option that might be used in a tucked-away rental?

Ultimately, all three options can keep you in the dark when you want it most (literally speaking, of course - we just shed light on the matter!). Now we’ll leave you to mull over which is right for the cause.

If you need a helping hand on making that decision, feel free to get in touch with us any way you like: on Facetime, phone, email, or slide into our DMs on socials (can you think of any other way?) - as long as it’s 9-5, Mon-Fri. 😊


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