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How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The cost of plantation shutters will depend on your window dimensions, choice of materials, chosen finish and the labour required to install.

Plantation shutters can not only enhance the appearance of a room, they’re incredibly versatile and can add value to your home. The practical, clean-line design makes plantation shutters highly desirable. There is a common misconception that shutters can be an expensive option, however this isn’t necessarily the case.

The average homeowner spends about $2,200 per window on plantation shutters, however, prices can vary from $1,300-$3,600. This cost is typically calculated by the window size and the cost per meter. It will also depend on the style, material, and how you choose to install the shutters. Purchasing online or through a retail store will also have an effect on the overall cost.

Retail stores typically have additional expenses such as showrooms and sales staff, as well as offering installation services. At Shades by You we are able to avoid these costs and pass the cost savings on to you for cheaper planation shutters.

Guide to Buying Plantation Shutters

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the window treatments for your home. We’ll cover the style, material and installation options so you can do a budget and cost-benefit analysis before you make a purchase.

The Design

Originating from Spain, plantation shutters gained worldwide popularity when they were installed in large plantation homes in America’s South. The wide louvered style was traditionally used, however, today plantation shutters are available in many different styles and sizes offering greater choice to match the shutter design with the architecture.

Typically, home owners opt for a contemporary design for a modern build or a traditional style for a Victorian home.

The style you choose for your home will greatly influence the overall cost.

Divider rail shutters

Divider rail shutters are very popular as they provide the ability to control both halves of the shutter independently. This means you can open one half for light and shut the other half for privacy.

Half shutter

Half plantation shutters will only cover the lower half of the window and are used commonly in bathrooms where you require more privacy.

Double hung shutter

Ideal for smaller windows, the top and bottom panels of double hung shutters are independently hinged. This allows you to completely open either the top or bottom panel as you require.

Split tilt rod shutter

Split tilt rod shutters work in a similar fashion to divider rail shutters; however, they’re constructed as a single panel. They’ll still give you the ability to open or close part of the shutters, just with a different mechanism.

Regardless of what style you choose, plantation shutters can be custom designed to suit the individual window. You can have sliding door plantation shutters for closets or cupboards, bi-fold shutters for wider openings or shutters designed to fit a corner window. For rooms of an unconventional shape, angled shutters can fit triangular, round or square openings. Plantation shutters really are one of the most versatile window treatments on the market.

Understanding your requirements for shutters and the type of openings will help you estimate the overall costs of the window treatments.

By inputting your measurements and design choices here, we can provide you with an instant quote.

The Size

The blade size of plantation shutters is available in the standard sizes 64 and 89 millimetres wide. It’s a personal choice about what size louvre you choose and depends on the application. The most popular is the 64-millimetre louvre for its traditional appearance. It’s also a style that will suit most sized interiors.

For larger rooms with tall ceilings, 89-millimetre louvres may work better. If your room looks out onto a view, selecting a larger louvre vane will provide a greater opening than the smaller blades. This will ensure the view is the main feature rather than the window treatments.

Typically, the wider the blade size, the more expensive the plantation shutters per window will be. However, at Shades by You we do not charge you extra for the larger 89mm blade size.

The Materials

The material chosen for your plantation shutters will influence the appearance of your interior and have a large impact on your budget. Timber plantation shutters are the most common and typically most expensive option for interior spaces. PVC, on the other hand, can be more affordable although there are more limitations. For external use, aluminium is the superior option, and most expensive of all materials.

Timber shutters

Timber shutters are made of 100% Basswood that is highly durable and strong, making them the most desirable. They’re also very versatile as each panel can be made as wide as 1000mm. Most windows in modern homes are 900mm wide making shutters highly suitable.

Timber shutters can also be painted in a variety of colours or stains and the high tensile coating ensures the finish won’t crack or peel. Our timber shutters are also splash resistant making them suitable for bathroom application. This wide range of finish options allows you to match the shutters with the colour palette of your interior.

PVC shutters

PVC plantation shutters are highly durable with each blade internally reinforced with aluminium. The material is designed to be the most tolerant for moist and humid environments. The fully waterproof quality makes PVC shutters suitable for wet areas such as a bathroom however as long as a timber shutter isn’t in regular direct contact with water (E.g within a shower) then timber shutters can be suitable for bathrooms.

Whilst typically more affordable than timber, there are some drawbacks with PVC shutters.

As they are reinforced with aluminium, PVC shutters are heavier than timber which limits the available width to just 700mm. They are also only available in a restricted colour range which doesn’t allow homeowners to match their window treatments to the interior décor.

Aluminium shutters

Aluminium plantation shutters are ideal for outdoor applications combining durability and elegance. The shutters are powder coated in several finishes that are both UV and water resistant. Typically, plantation shutters are the most expensive.

The Finish

The finish you choose for your plantation shutters will also impact the overall cost. When deciding on a finish for your plantation shutters, consider the durability as well as the overall style of your home.

Painted finishes are the most popular for timber shutters. We offer the 5 most common Dulux colours that work well with the interior doors, trims, crown moulding or baseboards of most homes. As painted shutters come in a standard Dulux colour, they can be easily repaired and repainted if they get scratched or dented over time.

A stained finish can also be applied to timber shutters allowing the natural grain and beauty of the timber to be exposed.

PVC shutters are available in several standard colours and can’t be painted. While highly durable, this means if the blades get scratched or dented, they can’t be repaired.

Exterior aluminium plantation shutters are powder coated in a durable finish to protect the window treatments from UV light and water. They’re available in a variety of colour options to allow you to match with your façade.

The install

The installation of plantation shutters can significantly add to the cost and is often what deters homeowners from choosing the window treatments. Paying a professional to install the shutters can cost you about $100 per hour whereas installing them yourself can be a relatively cheap option.

Ordering your plantation shutters online and installing yourself can considerably lower your costs. If you are considering purchasing your plantation shutters online, you’ll need to ensure you’ve measured all the dimensions correctly, accounting for shrinkage and expansion, before you make your purchase. The saying ‘measure twice, cut once’ is very relevant when ordering plantation shutters.

Regardless of whether you order your shutters online or from a retail store, you’ll have the option of who you wish to do the install. A brick and motor plantation shutter supplier will typically have their own professional installers in-house. This is often at a premium cost, but you can have the peace of mind you’re hiring a knowledgeable and experienced team.

You can also choose supply only and hire your own tradesman to install the plantation shutters. You may find these professionals often a more competitive price due to a reduced mark-up.

Installing plantation shutters is much easier than most people think.

If you’re confident in your handyman skills and have the appropriate tools (cordless drill, screws, tape measure and a small hammer), installing the shutters yourself can help mitigate the costs. And it’s much easier than most people think. With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to install your shutters and save a fortune on professional trades. Once you’ve hung one it set of shutters, hanging the rest will be a simple task.

The benefits of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are highly desirable window treatments due to their functionality and distinctive beauty. Their classic style and simple appearance suits a variety of spaces and can enhance the look and feel of any interior.

There are several benefits of installing plantation shutters that appeal to both homeowners and potential buyers, including:


Their sturdy design and quality materials make plantation shutters one of the more durable window treatments on the market. While they work in a similar fashion to blinds, they’re far more superior in quality. Plantation shutters aren’t flimsy and won’t bend and break like blinds tend to over time. A well-made plantation shutter will last you for years and years. Our shutters come with a 10-year warranty.

They’re also much easier to dust and clean than many other treatments. You won’t need to take curtains down to be professionally cleaned. Simply dust and wipe down with a damp cloth when required.


Plantation shutters offer homeowners a high degree of privacy when fully closed and still remain visually pleasing. You can also adjust the blades to the right angle to all light to filter through while disrupting the view from people looking into your home. When fully opened, plantation shutters allow for maximum natural light to flood your interior.

Energy conservation

Plantation shutters can repay themselves overtime by significantly lowering your energy bills. The adjustable louvres allow you to completely shut out the sunlight helping keep your home cool in the summer months. They’ll also help keep the heat in when the temperature drops, which is perfect for those living in colder climates.

These benefits are so significant that plantation shutters will become a major selling point when it comes time to put your home on the market. The only potential downside of installing plantation shutters is that they’re designed to be permanent window treatments.

Unlike curtains and drapes, you can’t upgrade them in response to interior trends or changes in personal taste. Thankfully, plantation shutters have stood the test of time and will work with a variety of different interior decors. Even if you choose to redecorate your entire home, you’ll know the plantation shutters will still look as beautiful as when you first installed them.


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