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How to Pick Roller Blind Fabrics

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We're spoiled for choice, we really are! We're here to help explain the main differences between our Roller Blind fabrics!

Blockout. Sunscreen. Light Filtering. Textured. Whether you want your blinds to blend in or make statement, this post should help you weigh up the pros for each choice!


A common question we often get is, "which blockout fabric cuts out the most light?"

To which the answer is, all blockout fabrics are designed to blockout all light.

In short, blockout is blockout.

These fabrics are typically ideal for bedrooms / anywhere someone will be sleeping, due to the room darkening/maximum privacy benefits.

Remember, when these blinds are down, the room/space is dark, therefore perhaps reconsider having a blockout blind in living spaces where you may want to remain well lit.


Sunscreen fabrics allow daytime privacy, whilst maintaining the outside view.

These fabrics are ideally paired with a blockout fabric in a bedroom as a dual roller, or in living/entertaining spaces.

Remember, you always see toward the light.

Example: During the day, you can see out, but no one can see in.

However, at night time when the lights are on, it's the opposite (you can't see out but from the outside, you can see in)

Light Filtering

Another fabric choice is 'light filtering'. Whether paired with a blockout as a dual blind, or a stand alone blind in a bathroom, light filtering fabrics are good all-rounders.

These fabrics give day and night time privacy due to their 'blurring' benefits.

Something to consider with light filtering fabrics is the sunlight that will shine through them.

White light filtering fabrics tend to 'glow' very brightly when placed in a very sunny position and sometimes this glow can be too bright.

Before settling on this type of fabric, consider the placement of the blind in all seasons.

For recommendations on what roller blind to choose for your space, contact our friendly team with a photo of your space!


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