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Latest trends in window blinds: Colours and fabrics for winter

So, you’ve made the right decision and you’ve decided to install custom blinds in your home. Now, you get to experience the joy of picking out the perfect colours and fabrics to make your blinds from! Winter is just around the corner here in Australia, and with it comes a wealth of trends for window blinds. Plain or textured, light or dark, whatever your preferences, there’s a new trend in window treatments to suit you!

Instead of being overwhelmed by all the choices available, let us help you out. We are experts in window treatments and we know what’s hot right now 🔥 We’ve put together this quick guide to the latest trends in window blinds, below:

Light Colours are In Vogue

The first trend for window blinds is light colours. Unsurprisingly, white and light grey colours are the most popular choice for window blinds ✨. Light colours add a crispness to any room and retain a lot of natural light. Especially in rooms with light coloured walls, light coloured blinds won’t disrupt the flow of the space or look imposing and out of place.

Light coloured window blinds suit modern, minimalistic, and traditional spaces. They’re suitable for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living and study spaces alike. And, if you still want them to block out a lot of light when they’re closed, you can get a set of our custom blackout blinds made in a light colour! During the day, they’ll be light and airy; at night, they’ll block out all outside light and keep the sunrise out of your eyes until you’re ready for it.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

The next trend to look out for is the Pantone colour of the year! In 2021, Pantone announced two colours of the year, namely, “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating”. The former being a solid, slightly warm gray tone, and the latter being a bright and cheerful yellow 💛. Together, these two colours work well in several spaces. They create a balance of strength, solidarity and positivity.

Pantone says that the message behind these colours is “happiness supported by fortitude”. The combination of “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” encapsulates the human spirit: energetic, hopeful, and everlasting 🎆

Perhaps have your custom window blinds made from a fabric similar to “Ultimate Gray” and accessorise your space with pillows, throws, and other furnishings that embody the spirit of the “Illuminating” tone.

Cool Tones for Window Blinds

Another great trend for window blinds is cool-toned colours! Warmer tones have been popular for decades, but they emanate a more traditional vibe. Cool tones, on the other hand, are more modern and dynamic. A cool tone any colour with a cool undertone; whether it’s red, yellow, or brown, if it has a cool undertone of blue, green or purple, it’s called a cool tone. We consider cool tones to be more relaxing, so they are incredibly well suited to bedrooms and private spaces.

Incorporate Subtle Textures

Minimalism is still incredibly popular, and homeowners across the globe want to emulate this style in their favourite spaces. If you want to add interest to a minimalist space, consider ordering custom window blinds in a textured fabric. Even if you create blinds in a light colour, a textured fabric builds dimension and gives your window treatments a bit more character 🌟

The thing about window blinds is that they are timeless and effective window treatments, no matter the latest trends or time of year. So, if you’re not a fan of our recommendations, that’s okay! We encourage you to follow your heart and order custom roller blinds that suit your personal taste. However, if you’re looking for fresh inspiration, the above trends are a great place to start. They are all versatile solutions that won’t back you into a corner by limiting your interior design options 🏠

All in all, window blinds are effortless in so many ways. They are easy to install, easy to use, and look chic without even trying. Which trend is your favourite, and how are you styling your windows this season?


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