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Three styles of blinds that are great in the bedroom

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

When it comes to furnishing the bedroom, there’s plenty of things to take into consideration. Light flow, warmth, darkness...and of course, privacy. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom 😜

Shades by You have plenty of options that you can really get your DIY on with, any time the occasion calls for. There are a few favourites that we’d like to share, considered by our experienced team as the best for the boudoir. We’ve outlined the styles below – from there, the stage is all yours 😎

The three boudoir blinds we know you’ll 💖

As a reputable Aussie soft furnishings business, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of bedroom blinds. When they’re done right, the magic speaks for itself, making a HUGE difference on the day-to-day. When they’re done wrong...well, let’s just say that you and your neighbours might be wearing these looks around for a while: 😲 😫 😳

To avoid that, Shades by You thoughtfully gives you all the info you need to equip yourself with a convenient choice for your space!

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful set of shutter blinds

These beauties are a no-brainer. Love your 😴? You’ll get plenty of peaceful snooze with nothing to lose in the dreamy darkness of a shuttered room. Whether you’re on the night shift, or stayed out to ride that second wave the night before, these classic assets are fabulous for conveniently shading your eyes from the 🌞 with little fuss. No need to undo your beauty sleep and end up with a face like this 😬 in the morning!

Designed with details that every stylish homemaker will appreciate, there’s so much to love about these heavy-duty coverings. Whether you go for timber shutters or their PVC alternatives, your bedroom can take on a look that’s simply gorgeous, at all hours of the day 😎

On a side note, the extra benefits offered by our stunning slats also boost energy savings in your room - and make your house more valuable. 💸

Whether you want to keep it cool, or turn up the heat, these beauties will keep things that way, saving you $$$ on the side...which comes in handy for your next DIY project! 💪

It’s no wonder that our shutters are highly sought after by Shades by You shoppers - and they’re actually a breeze to install with your own two hands 🙌

Enjoy the versatility of moody light-filtering shades

If you 💖 the look that quality shades give, and want to be the master of light in your bedroom, premium fabric blinds are an obvious answer. With the simple pull of a cord, or one of our more sophisticated mechanisms, you take control of whether it’s night or day indoors, without any Peeping Toms to worry about 😌

Just like Taylor Swift, these gorgeous fabric furnishings never go out of style. Texture, material, and shade are something you can ponder to your heart’s content, easily setting the mood of your room with the drape and power of fabric. Whether you have a soft spot for shabby-chic or love ultra-modern, ultra minimalistic looks, our One screen is a great option to let the light in - but not too much of it!

What's more, they're perfect for pairing with curtains. We have everything from linen curtains to something a little shinier, so you can work your magic in the bedroom, however you like. 😏

Best of all, visitors will be super impressed when you tell them you installed these custom shades (and curtains) all by yourself, using just a few tips and tools. Just make sure to measure carefully for an ideal fit - the result will have you looking at a stylish bedroom with fresh eyes (like these 😍).

Go super sleek with simple roller blinds

Bedrooms express the aesthetic of those that frequent them – which always needs to be taken into consideration when going for blinds. With roller blinds, a sleek, modern look can be easily achieved on your choice of material, which means charcoals and grays are absolutely on the menu. 🎉

There’s a lot more to roller blinds than their streamlined appearance. As you might guess from the name, they ‘re made from a single roll of material that’s pulled up or down, depending on the time of day. Our range hosts both plain and textured options in a range of colours, which makes it easy to make your bedroom truly yours. What’s more, we’re experts in stocking styles that set the mood with shades, so you’ll find gorgeous light filtering options to suit your fancy. Got a sun-facing window? A one-screen could do you go. Want something a little more subtle? Metro Shades might be just right - and you’re free to pick them plain or textured

The verdict

The Shades by You philosophy is all about empowering YOU to make style and window furnishing choices; so we’re not here to tell you what to think!

We simply lay our picks out, lending the expertise to helping Aussies find the best match without any mix-ups. Your bedroom is your territory, after all, and we bet you wouldn’t have it any other way!

Whether you go for shutters, roller blinds, or classic curtains is a completely personal choice, made possible by a little bit of DIY magic from us. We have a huge range of materials, mechanisms, and service features to choose from and fulfill your cravings for natural light, privacy, and steady room temp.

Each style has its benefits, which we’ve set out above – but the look and feel is something only you (and likely, your partner) can decide on.

Luckily, the nature of DIY blinds makes this perfectly possible to do from the comfort of your home. After you finish leaving this, you can go straight to your blind of choice, and pick out colours, materials, and your choice of hand-operated or motorised (how much do you want to push that button?), using visualisation skills to put it all together.

Once you’ve measured everything up and sent it off, your creation will arrive in a few weeks, ready for you to put those muscles to work (for about half an hour), and put a beautiful blind up in your boudoir. It’s so convenient and easy that anyone who visits will be blown away with the news that you did it yourself.

If you do find yourself needing a bit more info (or help) to complete your mission, we’re here for you. Reach out to our onshore team (we’re here in Melbourne – the creative and coffee capital), and they’ll take care of you. You’re in good hands, however way you choose to go with Shades by You 😎


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