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What Curtains Should I Hang in the Study?

We’ve studiously selected the perfect curtains to hang in your study

The study is, after the toilet, the room in which the most profound thinking is done. Some people work remotely in their studies, funding the rest of the household with their labour. For others, the study is where they write their novels and read highbrow literature.

A room like the study, which has such a powerful focus on the intellect, deserves an enlightened decor. The right curtains in your study can bolster brainpower, block out distractions, and elevate your studies to new heights. And the wrong curtains? Well, we may never know how many scientific discoveries were foregone because the wrong curtains had been hung. Flying cars? We don’t have them yet. Is that because somebody has the wrong curtains? Perhaps.

Our team at Shades By You has been locked away, studying the subject of curtains in the study. Read on to reap the benefits of our research, and find out once and for all which curtains you should hang in your study.

At Shades By You, we’ve got oodles of experience when it comes to helping people pick curtains. Whether it’s for your bedroom, living room, or even your study, we’re ready to help. Looking to do some homework? Check out our enormous range of curtains, and see just how easy and affordable upgrading your study with new curtains can be.

Sheer curtains are a sheer delight in a study

Harsh and direct sunlight is a big problem in a study. Bright and unfiltered light from the sun makes it difficult to read, and can cause unnecessary strain on the eyes. In general, having uncovered windows is problematic in a study; at this most vulnerable time of intellectual exploration, you don’t want prying eyes to make you feel self conscious.

Sheer curtains are a great solution for increasing your privacy and also softening light. When you pair them with blockout curtains, you’ll have a number of options for perfecting the level of light that comes into your study. On hazy overcast days you can leave the curtains open, on bright spring days you can lower the sheer curtains, and in the blistering heat of summer you can drop the blockout curtains.

Blockout distractions with blockout curtains in your study

Books, ideas, and glasses of red wine: these are terrific things to have in your study. But distractions? Distractions are the last thing you want!

That’s just one of the reasons that blockout curtains are so beloved in people’s study. You find them in rooms of learning right across the world. These heavy and opaque curtains will muffle exterior noises coming through your windows, and block any visual stimuli that might take you away from your studious activities.

One less worry in your study with motorised curtains

Intellectuals aren’t known for their feats of physical prowess. Heaving open the curtains by brute force might be OK for plebeian mechanicals, but refined individuals who have a study shouldn’t have to trouble themselves with that sort of arduous labour.

Thankfully, motorised curtains can help. With a motor and remote, these motorised curtains will allow you can open and close your curtains without breaking a sweat. And these motorised curtains aren’t just convenient; they’re also tremendously affordable.

Pick the right colours for curtains in your study

There’s no single ‘correct’ colour for curtains in a study. Some people prefer brown, woody tones to create a naturalistic and calming vibe in the room. Other people might find that they do their best thinking in a room that has blue curtains, red curtains, or, indeed, curtains of any other colour.

The important thing is that you choose the curtain colour yourself, and that you pick one that you think will best suit your study. If, for example, you have a particular rug that you intend to place within your study, then it will likely pay dividends to choose curtains to match.

There are many ways to cover the windows in your study

You don’t have to stop at curtains. There are a plethora of different options for covering your windows, and we can help find the one that’s right for you. Plantation shutters, for example, are a charming addition to any study. And then, of course, there are the chic and modern roller blinds that everybody is talking about nowadays.

No matter what kind of window covering you’re in the market for, our team at Shades By You can help. Contact our friendly team of shade experts to find out more.

There are many ‘shady’ shade companies in the world, but Shades By You isn’t one of them. Learn more about the curtains we have on offer, and start out on the journey to a better, more beautiful study.


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