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What is an L Frame for Plantation Shutters?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Plantation Shutters are one of the most sort-after window treatments for their functionality and aesthetics. They’re also easy enough to install when you’ve chosen the right design for your windows and followed the instructions.

Once you’ve measured your windows and selected your desired finish, you’ll need to decide on the best mounting frame for your needs. Plantation shutters are available as an inside or outside mount and in different frame options.

The most popular framing option for plantation shutters is L-frame as they offer a contemporary look at can be mounted inside or outside depending on your needs. This allows you to use the same frame with different mounts to suit your individual windows whilst retaining the same appearance.

They’re also the easiest frames to install, least expensive and suit 95% of window designs.

What are L-Frame Inside Mount Plantation Shutters

L-frame shutters with an inside mount are easily attached to the inside of the window frame. This can provide a clean finish and modern look as they’ll appear flush with your wall. If your window has an existing decorative trim, L-frame inside mount shutters are ideal as they won’t impede on this feature.

If you decide on L-frame shutters for your windows, for a better finish and easier installation it’s best to start with square openings. You’ll also require enough depth so that the shutter frame fits flush.

What are L-Frame Outside Mount Plantation Shutters

If you’re depth is limited or your window isn’t square, an L-Frame outside mount shutter will be more suitable. Rather than attaching inside the window frame, an outside mounted shutter will sit directly on top of the trim or wall outside of the opening. This allows the louvres to be completely functional without touching the window frame.


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