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Why choosing to install DIY blinds is easier than you think

Gone are the days when you had to choose from a limited selection of boring, overpriced window treatments at the hardware store. Where once you had to hire a team of tradies to help you install your blinds and curtains, now you can do it yourself and feel the amazing satisfaction of your handiwork. DIY blinds are a quick and easy way to transform your favourite spaces from boring to beautiful without breaking the piggy bank 💸 Better yet, when you shop with Shades by You, you’re empowered to create custom blinds that suit your personal style perfectly. No more settling!

If, somehow, you still need convincing, we’ve created this article to show you why choosing DIY blinds is easier than you think and better than store-bought alternatives:

DIY blinds are affordable

Ordering custom blinds from Shades by You allows you to be creative and bring the perfect style elements into your space 🥰. Our DIY blinds are easy to install yourself, so you don’t have to pay for someone’s time to come and install them for you. They are simply and efficiently made, too, which means that they’re just as affordable as store-bought blinds, if not more so!

They're still super stylish

Some people still think that DIY furnishings are homespun and boring. It’s this weird stigma that doesn’t seem to go away! Those people couldn’t be more wrong, however, because our DIY blinds lose nothing by way of style and sophistication. These days, store-bought options are boring and made to be as generic as possible - this means that most people end up with Plain Jane, ill-fitting blinds all over their homes 🤢.

Shades by You bridges the gap between the boring and pricey options of the past, and the fantastic opportunities of present-day DIY blinds. Better still, you can order custom blinds online from the comfort of your own home! You don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas.

Installation is user-friendly

Absolutely anyone can install our custom blinds themselves if they follow our guidelines. The process is fairly simple and we give you step-by-step tips for measuring and installing your DIY blinds. The trickiest part is probably measuring your windows for custom blinds… 🧰

We live by an old adage that goes, “Measure twice, make once.” This simple saying shows us how important it is to double check your measurements before submitting them. How many times have you or a family member been DIY-ing something at home and ended up with an off-centre wardrobe by the end? Even a couple of centimetres makes a mile of difference by the time you’ve put something together. Follow these guidelines on measuring windows for custom blinds and you should do just fine!

When it comes to installation, you’ll need a drill, a step ladder, some screws and a bit of elbow grease. With that said, we bet that if you’re researching awesome DIY blinds online, you’ve probably got all that in spades 😉

You get expert advice from industry experts

The best thing about ordering custom blinds from Shades by You is that you know you get the best industry advice and professional guidance available. We have been working hard in the window furnishings industry for more than thirty years! So, it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing 😎

For starters, we can do a virtual consultation with all our clients to help them choose the window treatments that best suit their homes. We can advise on the right textiles and colour palettes to suit your aesthetic vision, too!

If you need a little help with measuring for and installing your DIY blinds, feel free to call us between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and one of our experienced team members will help you anyway they can.

If all else fails and you’re faced with a really tricky installation that even our professional troubleshooting can’t solve, we have installation specialists who can help you get things right 👷

Shades by You DIY blinds are sustainably made

Okay, maybe we lied earlier. Truthfully, the best thing about our DIY blinds is that they’re made with the world and its inhabitants in mind 🌍. Shades by You is dedicated to minimising its carbon footprint, so we’re partnered with Carbon Neutral, leaders in environmental and climate solutions in Australia. With the help of Carbon Neutral, we plant a tree for every 1m² of Timber Shutters ordered 🌳.

Additionally, we donate the fabric offcuts from our sheer curtains and $10 per order to an organisation called Sewing for Charity. This awesome organisation helps keep fabric out of landfill and repurposes it for those who are doing it tough. Isn’t that just the Aussie way?

Surely by now we’ve convinced you of the amazing opportunities that DIY blinds have to offer? Your interior design capabilities just quadrupled! Browse our website to learn more about what we do and order your first set of custom blinds from Shades by You - they’re the DIY blinds solution you’ve been waiting for. Good for your home, good for the planet, and good for others! What more could we ask for?


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