Timber Shutters

(Hardwood Poplar Timber)

Grace your space with DIY timber shutters 😍

A house is not a home without a special style touch added, we say. Whatever your vibe, getting window dressings right is a must for magical interiors, and could even add value to your home. 💰
If you’ve got your heart set on a timeless option that needs changing, wooden concepts might just hit the spot. ...

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89mm Clear


Hardwood Poplar timber
Two Pack paint finish
Available with centre control bar


64mm Clear


Hardwood Poplar timber
Two Pack paint finish
Available with centre control bar





Hardwood Poplar timber
Two Pack paint finish
Available with 64mm & 89mm

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DIY timber shutters for Australia

Quality has always been part of the Shades By You mentality, right from the start. When our family-owned business took off 30 years ago, we were on a mission to make the best quality DIY timber shutters on the market, all in the most affordable and convenient way possible. We’re proud to say, we surpassed that goal long ago...


We would highly recommend ordering free samples before ordering as computer screens rarely depict accurate whites

Panel Configurations

The numbers (eg 500mm-1200mm) indicate your window size.

The panel slider will show you how many panels is suitable for that size.



















3 panels

Enjoy the view with timber window shutters online

Designs like these that incorporate wooden details look great open or closed, if we do say so ourselves 😎.  At night, your decor will take on an added dimension, with panels of natural timber breaking up space with stylish accents. During the day, you’re free to flip the switch on the mood in your room, adding a bit of drama or brightness - with a flick of the finger. It's the perfect way to create a cosy ambience (especially useful for adding spice to your next date night in 🔥).


Whether you close up from the night, or go horizontal to take in the view, the smooth mechanisms of Shades By You’s timber shutters are easy to use and simple to install. All you have to do is take your pick, place your order, and hop to it.


Try it out for yourself – we bet you’ll love the view 👀.

Frame Specs

(the finer details)

All of our shutters are custom made with our classic 67mm L-frame.

This allows your shutters to sit square either on the face or within your window recess.

If you need a more customised solution, email us a photo of your window with some dimensions and we can walk you through your options!

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