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Blackout Blinds

Go dark with DIY blackout blinds

Trying to get a good night’s sleep but failing miserably? Our DIY blackout roller blinds might just be what the doctor ordered. 


Covering every little sliver of light streaming through your windows, these beauties are a dream for deep REM rejuvenation and getting your beauty ‘zzz’ in. 💄  Featuring cleverly designed elements, these products are the ideal way to get style and functionality from your window dressings, avoiding that stencil look at the same time. Instead, a gap-free fitting that’s flush with your nook is the end-result and keeps unwanted eyes from peering in. 🔒


Enjoy complete darkness and privacy – two factors that we think you, and your neighbours, will love. 😜


The  🌞   stands no chance of disturbing night owls if we can help it. Every style in our collection is made of the best quality fabrics and materials, which are all yours to customise for an edgy take on modern window coverings. Whether you have the luxury of floor-to-ceiling glass or a cosy alcove, there’s a solution to shield you from nature’s glow at all hours of the day. With simple operation, your blackout roller blinds will give you a little cave of your own.  😎 



Range: Avila Blockout

Composition: 100% Polyester

Care Label: R

Price: From $350

Plain Blockout Fabric

(White Blockout Backing*)


Blackout roller blinds do more than keep you in the dark 😲

Being in the dark is not so great when it comes to your BFF’s engagement, but the state of your bedroom’s lighting is a different story. You’re free to be the Master of Darkness on that domain (especially handy for morning hangovers). 🥴


The benefits of blockers don’t stop there, however. Putting these coverings up can actually help keep your space cosily warm, or cool in the summer blaze. 🔥 That means more savings on your rising energy bills and more 💰  for the next DIY project on your list. 


Be warned – there is a right way to measure these designs. For a tip-top fit, you’ll want to go with face-fitting options that cover every inch of your window space, especially if you happen to have larger panes. 


The beauty of DIY is that custom options work for YOU – so take your pick of the tasteful styles we have on offer, and step into the dark with Shades by You!


(they see us rollin')

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 3.36.01 pm.png


Enjoy smoother operation with our chain operated roller blinds. All orders including a chain tidy to ensure safer shades for the whole family

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 3.36.29 pm.png


In the game since 1980, we trust ACMEDA with our lives and you can too! As a well respected company within the window furnishing scene, ACMEDA have never let us down



Our base rails include rubber backing strips to ensure quieter operation. Their ellipse shape provide the perfect finish

surprised baby


Shades by You complies by ACCC regulations.

Click here to find out more: ACCC SAFETY



Offering the SOMFY Sonesse 30 WireFire RTS motor, you can step up your new or old roller blinds



We take out the guess work for you by matching the closest base rail to your fabric choice. It doesn't get easier than that!


Day or night? You choose

Sometimes, the allure of staying in and binging on Netflix is WAY more appealing than facing the world. We get it.  For those moments – or whenever you feel like easily turning day into 🌃  –  these designs are your best friend.  🙏

Your creative vision is free to run wild with fabrics and dimensions, but don’t forget the physical factor. Our collection features traditional options and swanky motorised versions that make it easy to set the mood with the push of a button. All of our blockout rollers, fancy or traditional, are fitted with steel parts that stand up to the regular up-and-down daily grind, so you know you have a quality product on your hands. 👌


The Shades by You difference has to be experienced to be truly understood. Get your gorgeous designs made (and if needed, measured) by our friendly team, and reap the benefits of better 😴 and complete privacy. 😉


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