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These days, you can do almost anything online. Swipe right, book in a gym session or order the latest iPad direct to your door. That’s all snazzy, sure, but so is ordering your very own blinds without leaving your couch (no interruptions to your Netflix binge). 

When our family-owned business started out, things looked a little different in the world, and interior style was still spreading its roots. What you saw on the shelves in brick-and-mortar stores is what you got (boring), or would be what you had to pay for (pricey). Shades by You bridges this gap, bringing an option that’s DIY-friendly and able to be snatched up online. 😎

 We ❤️ giving you the option to get creative and bring style to your space, without having to opt for plain-Jane designs or a tradie to install for you. There’s nothing like the self-satisfaction of getting those DIY blinds up all by yourself, and trust us, they look even better than your new Zoom background. 

Proper window coverage is the icing on the cake – and we bet your neighbours will appreciate it, too. 😜


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Kathy Wadsworth

Cannot believe how easy this process was and how good my shutters look! Delivered on time and my partner said they were easy to install. Will definitely measure up for sheer curtains next too! Highly recommend

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Rowan Curtis

Really helpful service before purchase, delivered on time and great quality product. It was fairly easy to set the louvres up for sliding and they are a great solution for a sliding door shade.

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Maria Rodriguez

Highly recommend, great range of products and our blinds arrived on time. Great customer service! Thank you.