Roller Blinds

I need to swap the chain control sides

If you've accidently ordered the chain control on the wrong side, you can switch the side manually. Simply pry off both ends of the roller blind (you may need to use a slot head screw driver) Swap them around and insert firmly.

There's a kink in my roller blind fabric

As the blind may have be sittiing idle for a period of time, a curve or kink may have formed in the fabric. This will relax over time. You can help this process along by keeping the blind down in a warm environment.

My blinds roll down, but are difficult to roll back up

This may be due to too much tension within the chain winder. Try removing the blind from the bracket. Turn the pin end clockwise until it no longer turns (this adjusts the tension of your blind). Place the blind back in the bracket, pin end first. Your blind should now operate as intended.

My blind chain is grinding/scraping when I roll it down

Ensure the chain cover (at the chain end of the roller blind) is facing towards the ceiling (directly up). If it's not, remove the blind and fix the cover. If the cover is skewed, this can mean the chain scrapes against the cover as the blind goes up and down. If the cover is facing up and the chain is still not operating optimally, please email us a photo outlining the issue and we will asses from there.


Muliple panels on a single window

Panels must be installed in the order intended. There is a sticker on the base of each shutters panel On the sticker there is a sequence of numbers - The last number is the panel order from left to right.

My Hinges are scraping/catching on the frame or sill

Typically if the panels are catching its is due to an out of square window or the shutters installation not level 1. Check the the frame is installed level - sometimes windows are out of square and there is not much that can be done inside the window. 2. You can open the panel and loosen the hinges (this gives you the ability to lift or lower the panel slightly) adjust the height and then fix the hinges securely 3. In the parts box you will find hinge spacers. You can loosen of the hinge attached on the panel and slide in the packer. If the bottom right corner is touching the frame, one packer in the middle hinges and two in the base hinge would help this issue.

I need help with putting together my frame

It helps to assemble the frame in front of the window you are working on. It makes it a lot easier to lift into position when made up and saves parts getting mixed up if you have multiple windows. You will be required to secure the mitred section of the frame with a Hoffmann Key. It helps to have a hard surface underneath when connecting to push down each frame so the Hoffmann key fully penetrates. When there are T-Posts involved they will be labeled T (top) or B (Bottom) and will have a number 1,2,3 for multiple T-Posts which is their position from left to right Use your 50mm timber screw to drill into the top and bottom pre drilled holes of the frame, you will see there are predrilled holes in the T-Post and this will line up correctly.

My shutters don't fit/are too small

Typically if the shutter doesn't fit its measured incorrectly or the windows are mixed up. Initially measure the shutter frame and check it is what was ordered, double check against the measurements on the box and windows name. If the shutters have been made incorrectly - Take as many photos as possible and send through to Its good to use a tape measure to show a incorrect drop/width where possible.

I need help attaching my shutters to the frames

When you install the frame you will be then required to attached the panels. The trick to this process is loosening the all then hinges on the frame EXCEPT the top hinge. Then attach the top hinge and pop in the pin and repeat to the base of the shutter panel. You will notice with the loosened hinges then wobble into place a lot easier. Make sure you tighten all then hinges before closing the panel.

Sheer Curtains

My curtains have creases

As your curtains have packaged for post, your curtains may have a few creases. These will fall out over time, you can however speed up this process with a gentle steam.

I don't have enough runners

Your tracks are pre-fitted with runners to suit the curtain ordered. Work along the track from left to right to double check no runners have been missed. If you still find there are runners missing, please email us with photos so that we can asses.

My face fit curtain is dragging on the blind / obstruction behind it

Our standard face fit brackets have a 60mm projection. If you receieve your curtains and they do not clear the necessary obstructions, please email us a photo and we will arrange for longer ones to be sent out to you.

For all other enquires, please send us an email (with any photos that may help)

so that we can assist you!