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How to choose the correct length for custom curtains

Curtains are an incredibly versatile window covering solution. They can be custom made in a wide variety of textiles, colours, weights and lengths to suit just about any interior design aesthetic out there. Whatever room you are decorating and whatever purpose your curtains need to serve, there is a customisable solution to suit it. However, it can be a bit confusing learning how to choose the correct length for custom curtains. We’ve put together this beginner’s guide to curtain length to help you out and make sure that your space looks its best ✨

Custom Curtains to the Sill

Having custom curtains made to the sill of the window is a common solution, especially in kitchens and bathrooms! Small windows above countertops and windows that are partially blocked by furniture are also suited to sill-length curtains.

This curtain length usually falls 10mm to 20mm above the window sill. The length is casual and charming and it’s small size gives you the opportunity to experiment with patterns and colours. They take up less visual space in the room, so you can get away with more eccentric choices without feeling overwhelmed! 🤩

Custom curtains made to the sill are extremely practical as they don’t get in the way of furniture or appliances and aren’t a fire hazard in the kitchen, either.

Hang Curtains to the Apron

The next option is to have custom curtains made to the apron of the window. This means that the curtains will fall about 20mm below the bottom of the window apron (the portion of window just below the window sill).

Although they are a less popular choice these days, curtains to the apron are still incredibly practical. They don’t gather dust from the floor and they are easy to open and close as needed. You’ll likely use these curtains above furniture that partially blocks the window - a situation where full-length curtains would be awkward and cumbersome.

“Just Off” Floor Length Custom Curtains

A popular curtain length of all is the “just off” length. “Just off” curtains are a stylish solution and fall just above the floor, say 5-10mm. Hence, they are just off the floor. Custom curtains made to be just off the floor elongate your windows and make the room feel taller.

Because they fall just short of the floor, “just off” length curtains hang perfectly straight and look incredibly elegant 👑 They don’t gather much dust and debris, either.

You are most likely to “just off” custom curtains in the living room or any other high-traffic area. They can be a great solution for a simplistic guest room or a home office with lots of natural light. It depends on your personal style and the aesthetic you want to achieve in a given room.

Be sure to follow our guide on how to measure curtains before you place your order. You don’t want to end up with custom curtains that are too short, longer than you desired, or too flat because they aren’t wide enough!

🧐 Pro style tip: if you want a room to look more formal or dressy, have your custom curtains made to just touch the floor. “Just on” curtains are designed to leave 5mm to 10mm of fabric on the floor, delicately grazing the ground and adding weight to your curtains.

Custom Curtains in Romantic Pooling Length

The pooling length is a tailored and sophisticated style of curtain. Made to be 15mm to 20mm longer than the length to the floor, pooling curtains look effortless and totally chic. When made from crisp fabrics, the pooling length gives a very romantic touch to the room 🥰

You are likely to find pooling length custom curtains in a formal dining room, bedrooms, and rooms with less foot traffic.

🧐Pro measuring tip: If you want to elongate your room even further and emphasise the romantic appeal of the pooling curtain, alter your measurements slightly. Usually, we mount curtain rods 20mm to 70mm above the top of the window frame. What you could do is hang the rod a little higher, a handful of millimetres below the ceiling. Pair this with the romantic pooling length and your room will feel as if it’s double its real height.

Dramatic Puddle Curtain Length

Lastly, we bring to you the dramatic puddle length! Custom curtains of this length are made to be 150mm to 250mm longer than the length to the floor. The effect is luxurious and extravagant 🏰

Practically, puddle length curtains are most suited to curtains that aren’t opened and closed a lot. You might want to avoid the puddle length if you have pets and young children, too. The puddling portion of the curtain will quickly collect dust, hair and crumbs - not what we want!

You are better off using these curtains in a room with tall windows. Transform the space with a dramatic style statement that makes your home look like a magazine cover.

🧐 Pro styling tip: The fabric you choose for these curtains matters a lot. Sheer curtains made from linen will puddle gracefully, whereas a thick cotton curtain might just look like you measured incorrectly before you ordered. Contact us for a COVID-safe virtual consultation if you’re not sure what kinds of fabric are best for this!

The Cardinal Sins of Custom Curtains

There are some things you should never, ever do when hanging curtains:

  • Never hang curtains of any length near a stove.

  • Curtains that stop more than 20mm from the floor look awkward. If you’ve made a mistake when measuring, try hanging the curtain rod lower if possible so that the curtains fall to a good length.

  • Don’t settle for store bought solutions if they don’t suit your space. Have custom curtains made that enhance the look of your home.

What do you say, are you prepared to order the perfect pair of custom curtains for your space? Head to our order page now and take the plunge! We promise you won’t be disappointed by your next best purchase, ever 😉


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