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How to choose custom blinds for your mid-century home

Off the top of your head, you may not know what a mid-century home looks like. However, we can almost guarantee that you’ve seen one before. This architectural and interior design style from, well, the middle of the last century, is still incredibly popular these days, and for good reason. With a penchant for big, bright spaces full of natural light and colourful furnishings, the mid-century home suits a range of personal tastes 🎨. In magazines, many mid-century homes have huge wall-to-wall windows left bare to showcase the indoor-outdoor connection. It looks great, yes, but it's not practical for everyday life. We’re here to help you choose custom blinds for your mid-century home and take the guesswork out of the styling process.

What is Mid-Century Modern, anyway?

The term refers to an architectural and interior design style that was popular after World War II. Generally speaking, the style dominated the market between 1945 and 1965. The mid-century modern style is characterised by flat planes, big windows, and a connection between the indoor and outdoor worlds 🌲✨.

You’d likely decorate a mid-century modern home with furniture and decor that feel “easy”. The style should be inspired by natural and lean more towards the simplistic side rather than eccentric and over-styled. Comfort, easy living, naturalness, rich tones and simple shapes are the building blocks of the mid-century home.

The complexity of mid-century modern design is more in the boldness of the colour palette balanced with simplistic furnishing and layout 🛋. When you add more “oomph” in one area, you reduce it in another so that the space feels curated, not crowded.

Problems with Mid-Century Modern Homes

The beautiful big windows installed in most mid-century homes are amazing to look at. They invite nature into the house and bring in floods of natural light. The main problem is that they are difficult to address with window treatments 🪟. It’s all fine and dandy to invite nature indoors with a large window, but you don’t want to invite any peeping Toms due to a lack of privacy! 🥸

It is tricky to know what to do with your mid-century home and its multitude of windows. We’re going to give you some guidance and point you in the right direction! Typically, we suggest that customers go for one of two style choices: a clean and modern window treatment, or a soft and traditional window treatment.

Mid-Century Modern vs Mid-Century Traditional Style

The two main types of mid-century design are modern versus traditional. If you want to create a clean, minimalistic look in line with the mid-century modern style, go for custom roller blinds.

Modern Custom Roller Blinds

They are a chic and affordable window treatment and you can tailor them to suit your unique styling preferences. Ensure the personality of your space still shines through by choosing from a selection of colours and textures to create your custom blinds. This includes blackout blinds for a more complete solution. With roller blinds, you control exactly how much light you want to let into the room. Our clients come with easy motorised or chain-operation ☀️.

Side note: all of the blinds from Shades by You comply with safety regulations set out by the ACCC. Your kids and everyone in the family are safe with us!

Depending on how you hang your roller blinds, you can use them as a tool to improve heat insulation! Find out more about how blinds keep in the heat here.

Soft and Traditional Custom Curtains

If you want to soften the modern edge of your mid-century home, try some of our soft window treatments 🌸. Leverage the power of custom curtains to create the window treatments that you think will best suit your space. Hang your curtains from high up and let them hang to the floor to elongate your room and add a layer of texture and warmth of character.

We have an article on how to choose the correct length for custom curtains to help you pick the right solution for your space. For a mid-century home, you might be interested in floor-length custom curtains or trouser length custom curtains. It all depends on the room you’re dressing!

Create Custom Blinds for Your Mid-Century Home

It’s as simple as 1️⃣, 2️⃣, 3️⃣! No, seriously. Head to our website to create the custom blinds or custom curtains that your heart desires. Place your order in three easy steps:

Head to our “Guides” page to learn how to measure your windows for the window treatment you’re after. Then, head to the “Order” page to submit your measurements and textile preferences. Once your order arrives, learn how to install your window treatments by heading to the “Guides” page one last time. It really is as simple as that, and you can do it all yourself! 🌟


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