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How to match blind colours with your walls

The dramatic impact that window coverings bring with them sets the scene for all other furnishings in the space. They’re not solely responsible for the mood, however – the blank canvas of your walls and how shades interact with them is an even bigger factor.

Furnished or bare, your space tells a story, narrated by the vision you bring to it. It’s almost like putting on a play and choosing the props to go with the scene. Some things totally make sense, and others don’t!

Striving for contemporary, industrial, or minimalistic comes down to the fine details, which add up. Luckily for you, Shades by You has seen countless combinations in our 30-year history (yes, we started when floral curtains were still a thing). We have a tidbit or two to say about which window statement goes with vertical surfaces, and how to create a composition that’s worthy of showcasing to the world.

Take our advice as a guide to fuel your designs. We’re not here to cramp your style, just help you make the most of it!

The best blinds for a neutral canvas

Gone for a safe and versatile neutral on your surfaces? Good choice. 👍

This is the perfect setting for a blank canvas, which can be worked with any way you like. Think about texture play and adding dimension to the planes – light will bounce off every element and give it character.

We have a few recommendations to make that are worth considering to set the tone (pun intended). 😜

For the plain, single colour room

There are two main options that are worth mulling over here. If you want to make a statement, we suggest going with one of our roller blinds in a black or grey for that modern, contrasted look. This works best in spaces that are spacious and open, so just bear that in mind. As you DIYers know, darkness contracts and light expands...which brings us to the next point.

Try neutrals on neutrals

This can look amazingly stylish if done right. The key is to pair warm tones together, and cool tones with other cool tones. For example, the bedroom might be a warm beige, which would look great.

The texture of these furnishings produces that element of contrast, and as long as it’s present, you can get as close to a perfect colour match as your design aspirations allow. Hardware will stand out especially starkly if you go down this route, so think about the metals and furniture you’ll be featuring in the space.

Small rooms really benefit from a neutral-on-neutral look, as it makes them appear a lot bigger. With the blinds down, it can almost appear like a solid, windowless plane (from far away). If that’s not your thing, try going with a slightly darker shade that’s still within the colour family. You’ll find that it brings in dimensions without closing the area up like a black, ink, or pewter might do.

For the coloured room

Where plain, neutral walls are a creative canvas made for mixing and matching, coloured walls take a little more consideration. The family rule is still advisable here, but it’s best to let the wall colour itself show you the way.

To paint the picture…

If a bold statement like navy or maroon is all over your walls, you might want to balance it out with a simple white or cream. The aesthetic impact of the colour alone can be quite a sight, so opting for plain fabric is a great idea.

The shades themselves are translucent, which is a look in itself and pulls off fabulously modern. Alternatively, an opaque, plain roller blind in neutral tones offers a more solid look, with greater contrast. The way, you can strike harmony between the bold and the muted - then fill the void with furniture that’s quirky, minimalistic, or Scandi.

On the other end of the spectrum, blacks stand as tools to add shadow and dimension. They do tend to absorb the light and close off spaces, so it could be a little overwhelming on the eyes if there’s already a dark colour in the mix.

On the other hand, medium tones on either plain or textured styles can work wonders. Think sophisticated greys with vibrant jewel tones, or deep hues. This can look amazing when the va-va-voom is concentrated on a feature wall, painted in the boldest blues, reds, or purples.

If the window happens to be located here, it sets up a lot of room to get creative with the dressings. Try complementing the colour statement with a richly pigmented polyester roller, or even one of our shutters.

For the textured wall

Not all interior surfaces are made equal. Some are plain and smooth, some are wallpapered, and some showcase natural beauty through stone, brick, or timber.

If that’s the case with your home, plain and simple is usually the way to go. The same tips we outlined above apply here, and it’s worth considering the overall effect of the wall material in use.

Keep it simple when the wallpaper is your background

Wallpaper has a look of its own. The print speaks its own style language, which is only heightened by a flattering set of blinds. Try going along with the vibe and drawing it out even more with your window furnishing choice. Going modern and geometric? Plain and dark could be just the thing. Period-esque or dreamy? Plain and creamy, or lightly textured could tie in great!

What works with natural materials?

Timber, brick, and stone call for more than just a Pantone wheel. Depending on the hardware accents, the room’s atmosphere can look industrial, old school, or country. A good styling strategy is to start thinking about what kind of ambience you’re looking to achieve, and working backwards from there.

If you find that fabric or screens just don’t work with your vision, there’s always the Shades by You shutters selection to choose from. Plantation timber and aluminium look great against textured, natural surfaces.

Bonus tip - try before you buy

Explore your options and keep the bigger picture in mind before sending us your order. It can be helpful to do up a sketch or quick model, especially if the thought of installing shutters takes your fancy. You can also request a sample from us to test it out in real life.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, take out the trust laptop or iPad and browse our Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. Feel free to flatter us by asking for our perspective via DM! 😊


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