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Which way do roller blinds hang?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

There are many mysteries in life. How was Stonehenge constructed? How did the universe come to be? And how on earth are you supposed to hang roller blinds?😤 These days there seems to be a right way and a wrong way to do everything, and you might be wondering if you’re hanging your roller blinds incorrectly. The good news is that there’s no “wrong” way to hang roller blinds 🥳. The bad news, however, is that how you hang your blinds can greatly affect the look and feel of your home 🧐.

There are two ways to hang roller blinds, namely:

1. Front Roll or Over Roll

This placement refers to when the fabric of your blinds hangs over the front of the barrel. In this position, there is a bigger gap between the fabric of the blinds and the windowpane.

2. Back Roll or Under Roll

The opposite is, of course, the Back/Under Roll, when the fabric of the bling hangs behind the barrel. The gap between the fabric and the window is much smaller in this position.

There are pros and cons to both of these placements, and you better believe that we’re about to unpack them all:

Which way should I hang my roller blinds?

The way you hang your roller blinds depends on your personal preference, your privacy requirements, obstructions, heat insulation, and aesthetic value. First things first, you should always assess the needs and limitations of the space you’re decorating.

Here’s a rundown of the other factors to consider when hanging roller blinds:

Roller blinds affect privacy and light

Once you’ve assessed your space and taken some accurate measurements, it's time to consider the environmental factors. Privacy and light are two incredibly important factors when hanging blinds. Those are the two main purposes that window coverings serve! Giving you the privacy to wander around your bedroom in your birthday suit, and blocking out the light when you need to sleep in on Sunday 😍

Hanging your roller blind in a Front/Over Roll position will create a larger gap between your window pane and the fabric of the blind. More light enters the space this way and may allow people to see into your space more easily 👀

If you hang your blinds in a Back/Under Roll position, the fabric of the blind will be much, much closer to the windowpane. You’ll block out a lot more light this way and also protect your privacy more. If you work during the night and sleep during the day or live in a really busy area, you’ll definitely benefit from a Back/Under Roll for more peaceful sleep and better privacy.

What about obstruction and window clearance?

You should also consider whether there are any obstructions around your windows. Bars on the window, sliding door handles, and awning winders are just a few examples of obstructions around your window. Hanging your blinds in a Front/Over Roll position might make it easier to avoid obstruction.

Heat insulation and roller blinds

In a previous blog on our website, we discussed how roller blinds can keep in heat. How you hang your roller blinds is incredibly important for insulating your space effectively. For example, a Back/Over Roll reduces the gap between the blind and the window, thus reflects sunlight in the summer and helps to trap heat inside the home during cold winter nights.

Consider the aesthetics for your space

Of course, how you hang your blinds also impacts the aesthetics of your space 💅🏻. Some textured fabrics have white backing on them, so if you position your blind in a Back/Under Roll, the backing is exposed on the barrel and might sabotage your style.

However, some suppliers can sew a similarly coloured fabric as the backing, making the difference between the “front” and “back” of the blind less noticeable.

Need advice for hanging your roller blinds?

If you have any questions about roller blinds, whether it's how to hang them or how to choose the right style for you, be sure to contact the Shades by You team. Need a consultation? We do COVID-safe virtual consultations when you need them 🤳. We also have loads of helpful guides for measuring and installing your custom roller blinds so that you always feel prepared. Get to ordering your custom roller blinds today - just be sure to work out which way you want to hang them first!


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